Collaborative Workshop

On Wednesday (6/30) the Responsible Digital Leadership Project hosted the first of two cross-pollination workshops to promote collaboration across teams as well as individual dilemmas. The session was led and coordinated by Andrea Kates, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Futureproofing: Next, and Jennifer He, Founder & Managing Partner at VOYO Consulting. 

Researchers from five teams: customer engagement, credit/lending, payments, insurance and climate change, were split into groups and were first asked to reflect upon their individual research and summarize key findings. Researchers then shared their work within groups and received open feedback centered around finding where the ethical dilemmas vary and converge across teams as well as build upon important themes in this work. After spending time group sharing and idea circling, project members re-convened and took a step back to discuss special insights through different lenses. Not just perspectives from the five teams, but also disciplinary expertise from the perspectives of individual researchers was given to further consider the complexity of the dilemmas.

The cross-pollination workshop gave insight into the depth of which certain dilemmas may be interconnected and the wide scope of thoughtful solutions that are necessary to the application of each dilemma in the finance industry. The project has passed a progress benchmark of 50 dilemmas and will continue to research deeper into the complexities of the dilemmas implications & solutions. The project will be hosting its second cross-pollination workshop Thursday 7/1.

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