Ethical Dilemma Library

The Ethical Dilemma Template

The following tool is used to facilitate our interdisciplinary research process. Our research process incorporates and encourages design thinking strategies, and interdisciplinary mixed-methods research approaches to identify and understand benefits and risks of technology.

What are we finding? – Ethical Topics

The dilemmas identified by our researchers examine topics related to:

Some of the Ethical Risks & Benefits of Advanced Technology

Ethical Risks
  • Algorithm bias
  • Automation errors
  • Cultural homogenization
  • Data bias
  • Distrust of financial institutions
  • Distrust of technology
  • Fraud/Scams/Criminal use of data
  • Funding inequities
  • Increased societal inequalities
  • Penalization resulting from opting out of personal data collection/ use
  • Propagation of bias
  • Reduced accountability of banking professionals
  • Survivorship bias
Benefits of Technology
  • Economic gain
  • Increased access to services
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased equity
  • Permit operators to devote time to higher value activities
  • Reduced claim handling times
  • Reduced fraud due to use of text/ photographic and other data
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced staff training