Ethical Dilemma Library

The Ethical Dilemma Template

The following tool is used to facilitate our interdisciplinary research process. Our research process incorporates and encourages design thinking strategies, and interdisciplinary mixed-methods research approaches to identify and understand benefits and risks of technology. Our team members use this template to guide their explorations in their respective research fields.

What are we finding? – Ethical Topics

The dilemmas identified by our researchers examine topics related to:

Some of the Ethical Risks & Benefits of Advanced Technology

Ethical Risks
  • Algorithm bias
  • Automation errors
  • Cultural homogenization
  • Data bias
  • Distrust of financial institutions
  • Distrust of technology
  • Fraud/Scams/Criminal use of data
  • Funding inequities
  • Increased societal inequalities
  • Penalization resulting from opting out of personal data collection/ use
  • Propagation of bias
  • Reduced accountability of banking professionals
  • Survivorship bias
Benefits of Technology
  • Economic gain
  • Increased access to services
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased equity
  • Permit operators to devote time to higher value activities
  • Reduced claim handling times
  • Reduced fraud due to use of text/ photographic and other data
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced staff training