Sessions and Workshops


In collaboration with our industry partners, we provide tailored workshops related to the ethical and social considerations of AI and advanced technology.


Our team hosts smaller scale discussions exploring specific industry sectors and their relationship with new technologies.



There are no upcoming sessions as we prepare for the 2023 Global Conversation!


Session 8

Poverty Action

with Rafeal Mazer, Rachel, and Francis Gwer

Workshop 4

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

with Seth Garz, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & Arianna Zapanta, Innovations for Poverty Action

Session 7

Blockchain Regulation

with Richard Turrin, best selling author of Innovation lab Excellence, Chia Hock Lai, CEO of Switchnovate and founding president of Singapore Fintech Association & Lukas Repa, Senior Policy Officer at the EU Commission.

Workshop 3

Industry Challenge Pitches

Speakers Coming Soon

Session 6

The Turing Institute

with Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen, Denmark’s Tech Ambassador

Workshop 2

Board Game Ideation Workshop

with Professor Tomer Perry of Minerva University

Session 5

AI and the Future of Insurance

Doug McElhaney & Ramnath Balasubramanian on behalf of McKinsey & Company

Workshop 1

Research & Innovation Methodology

Speakers Coming Soon

Session 4

AI Ethics and the Future of Money

Nicole Sandler, lead on Innovation Policy at Barclays & Ronit Ghose, the Global Sector Head for Banks in Citi Research

Session 3

Future of Finance 3

with Brian Green, the Director of Technology Ethics at University of Santa Clara & Foaad Khosmood, computer engineering professor from California Polytechnic State University

Session 2

Future of Finance 2

with Bryan Zhang, the Executive Director at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Session 1

Future of Finance 1

with Jeni Mundy, Managing Director at Visa in the UK & Ireland
& Chris Crespo, from Fast Forward Banking