2022-23 Cohort

GAEIA’s 2022-23 researchers span 17 time zones, 27 countries, 37 different universities, and over 20 disciplinary fields.

Meet the Researchers!

Alesia Zhuk,
Spain, Barcelona

cyber law, international law, digital rights, legal regulation of cyberspace 

Aliki Ntouzgou

research assistant at IFF, Blockchain, CBDCs, Cryptocurrencies, Web3, Metaverse, NFTs

Anamarija Delic,
Zagreb, Croatia

finance reporting, financial institutions and digital transformation

Anna Pustovoit,
Kyiv, Ukraine

Ashley Choi,
San Mateo, USA

social sciences, public policy, DEI

​Beyza Arslan,
Istanbul, Turkey

economics, innovation in education and workforce, data analysis, entrepreneurship, public policy

Cesar Rosales,
Mexico, Spain

technology and Democracy, responsible AI/ML, international organizations, startups and entrepreneurship, social impact

Christine Cepelak

data scientist and student of public policy. Her work focuses on feminism, climate justice & and responsible future technology

Christopher Lam,
London, UK

equity investment with machine learning, digital connectivity, ai ethics, agile leadership, transformational entrepreneurship

Chun Yi (Chloe) Yip

technology, sustainability, energy

Debbie Chung

tech, innovation, digital engagement, music and gaming

Diego Chagas de Souza,
Florianópolis, Brazil (based in Berlin, Germany)

transparency/opacity, information policies, democracy studies, literature, and politics

Federico Cruz,
Mexico City

innovation & technology, entrepreneurship & artificial intelligence, social change, engineering

Geovana Moreira

behavioral economics, philosophy and history. people, entrepreneurship, trips, coffee and dancing

Ha Do,
Vietnam (studying in Melbourne, Australia)

intellectual property law, Internet law and the intersection between law and technology

Harsh Dubey,

data science enthusiast,ai research,material science,bibliophile

​İris Çim Yalçın,
Istanbul, Turkey

industrial engineering & economic, social impact, sustainability, economic development + sports and music

Igbalawole Olomiyete,
Lagos, Nigeria

application of technology in education and accounting practice

John Olukuru

Katarzyna Baszak,
Warsaw, Poland

possible normative approaches towards AI and data law, economic analysis of the law

Laszlo Van Daal,
Paris, France

regulatory law, administrative law, comparative administrative law, competition law and economics, law and political economy, data regulation

Martin Dimitrov,
Yambol, Bulgaria

entrepreneurship, Innovation

Miyu Niishi

business analytics, digital innovation, cybersecurity, computer science business analytics, digital innovation, cybersecurity, computer science 

Njoki Murithi,
Nairobi, Kenya

communication, policy, business, climate change & sustainability

Opeoluwa Osisanya,
Lagos, Nigeria

Pengfei Fu

digital media, governance, policy, coffee, traveling, and dogs

Rafael Santana

Rakesh Kumar,
Sydney, Australia

digital labour and migrant entrepreneurship, algorithmic, cognitive and other social biases, creator economy

Raymond Rohne,
Hong Kong

cultural history, development of inclusive art collections, applied liberal arts, long distance cycling, bonsai cultivation

Sarvanshi Swaroop,

data science, responsible ai, ml in healthcare, biotechnology

Stanslaus Mwongela,
Nairobi, Kenya

computer science, multimodal-machine learning, natural language processing, explainable ai and responsible ai

Titus Tunduny,
Nairobi, Kenya

health informatics, software development, game development, xai

Tomasz Kostrzewa,
Warsaw, Poland

mathematics, finance, geography

​Tugce Yerlitas,

human capital sustainability, sustainable human resource management, impacts of emerging technologies on HRM

Umoh Umoh,

Wilmar Quintero,
Milan, Italia

technology policy, tech regulations¸ impact of technology on labor markets

Xi LI,
Shanghai, China

economics and law

Xiyao Liu,

digital media (social media), surveillance, political, and public communication, (contextualised) trust, cats, and dogs

Yasmin Al Kardi

ai and ethics in finance, gdpr personal data protection, financial and insurance regulation, uk and european law

Yip Jia Qi

finds ways to use acoustic ai on non-acoustic signals

Yuet Chau,
Hong Kong

artificial intelligence, fintech, impact investing, equality in financial market, data ethics, robot discrimination

Zhanna Yakunina

internet technology law, social activities, e-governance, blockchain