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As part of Stanford University’s Initiative on Responsible Digital Leadership in the Financial Sector, this podcast seeks to identify ethical dilemmas related to tech and advanced processing (data management and analytics, use of algorithmic tools, AI/ML). A diverse group of grad/post-grad/PHD-students from 22 different countries will collect and analyze possible dilemmas in collaboration with an international group of financial sector institutions.

Latest episode:

Reeya Pimple is from Mumbai, India and is currently pursuing a masters degree in data science at the University of Washington. Reeya and Spencer discuss what her culmination of experiences in computer engineering, investment banking, and working in the public sector brought to the Responsible Digital Leadership Project. Reeya shares her thoughts on what type of data should require consent to be collected and shared, the pros and cons of self-regulation in finance, as well as finding commonalities in a group with such culturally and disciplinary diversity.
  1. Reeya Pimple
  2. Laura Facci
  3. Marek Szeles
  4. Alice Wang
  5. Chris Crespo
  6. Introduction & Overview — Responsible Digital Leadership Project