What We Do

The Problem

Artificial intelligence and advanced technologies present important new opportunities that enable novel solutions to enduring societal challenges.  Yet they also produce significant risks. In the rush to adopt new technical solutions to persistent problems, we risk the inadvertent automation, reproduction and exacerbation of societal inequalities, as well as the production of entirely new ethical dilemmas, which society, business, and government must identify and address.

Our Solution

As awareness of these challenges intensifies, there is a growing call for the examination of ethical risks and societal impacts of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, and the development of responsible digital transformation practices across sectors. Government and corporate departments dedicated to the study of ethics and technology are springing forward, as are scholarly contributions including new academic journals and degree programs. These responses are all crucial to getting ahead of the rapid technological changes underway. Few, however, link industry and academic expertise, and include globally diverse perspectives and experiences. GAEIA bridges this gap with…

Our Team’s Research & Content

Using a cohort-based approach, our diverse scholars and industry professionals come together to share insights on, collaboratively identify, and examine the nuanced ethics and social impacts of AI and advanced technologies across sectors. Our team develops a library of current and potential ethical dilemmas, conducts primary and secondary research, and develops content regarding these topics to better understand and address the issues raised through emerging technologies.

  • Cohort I: The Future of Finance 2021-2022
  • Cohort II: The Future of Work and Education 2022-2023

The GAEIA Team Platform

As a GAIEA Cohort team member builds out their ethical dilemma template via their own research, they post and share their thoughts on our team platform, GAEIA Team. Here, members can post, comment, share thoughts, and get critical feedback on their research throughout the process. The GAEIA Team platform acts as a hub for all our team members to stay up to date on their peer’s work, GAIEA hosted events, our industry leaders and partners, and more.

Inspiration Sessions | Industry Workshops

In collaboration with our industry partners, we provide tailored workshops related to the ethical and social considerations of AI and advanced technology within industry sectors.

These workshops are typically hosted on zoom with a specific subject matter and an accomplished industry leader from that sector. Inspiration Sessions and Industry Workshops provide opportunity for our researchers to learn more about a specific sector and further develop their research content.

Sessions and Workshops

Annual Global Conversation

The entire GAEIA team and partners gather annually to showcase the work done throughout the year through a collection of decorated keynote speakers, GAIEA team member presentations, and sector specific panels.

Through a partnership with Strathmore University Business School in Nairobi, Kenya, this year’s global conversation provides an inclusive hybrid meeting space to share work and insights related to ethical risks and social impacts of advanced technologies. We will…

  • – Share findings from our global, cross-disciplinary project.
  • – Learn critical industry and government perspectives, including the role of Human Rights in these considerations.
  • – Explore the meaning of responsible digital leadership with thought leaders across sectors.

We are excited to welcome thought-leaders from around the world in academia, business, and intergovernmental organizations as well as GAEIA team members to discuss these challenges and the impacts of artificial intelligence on our lives, particularly in the context of finance and education.