2021-22 Cohort

Our first cohort of researchers, which launched in March 2021, consists of +50 researchers representing Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Meet the Researchers!

Alex Hartford,
Newcastle, USA

artificial intelligence systems and the ethical impacts of their widespread application, metaphysics and epistemology, music theory

Alice (can) Wang,
Chengdu, China

cats, home cooking, board games and horror escape room

Anamarija Delic,
Zagreb, Croatia

finance reporting, financial institutions and digital transformation

Andrew Pereira,
Pleasanton, USA

applied ethics, emerging technologies, public policy and civil liberties amid disruptions caused by advancing tech.

Annabelle Bockwoldt,
Hamburg, Germany

tech, creativity and social entrepreneurship

Anne-Lise Florkin,
Brussels, Belgium (studying In Pavia, Italy)

photography, swimming

Annie Zwarg,
Arroyo Grande, USA

legal ethics, privacy rights, economic policy

Armstrong Dlamini,
Johannesburg, South Africa

human rights, integrity systems

Borja Sánchez,
Madrid, Spain

healthcare, education, greentech, new technologies, innovation

Brian Omwenga,
Nairobi, Kenya

tech policy, it governance, tech innovation, software engineering, enterprise architecture, apis, ai, ecosystems, innovation systems, standards, entrepreneurship

Cristian Fuenzalida,
Santiago, Chile

market regulation, environmental law

Delphin Tursin,

sports, playing an instrument

Diego Lisoni,
Santiago, Chile

personal data protection, regulation of new technologies, modernization and digital transformation of the state, banking and financial regulation, and public policies

Ezekiel Chim,
Hong Kong

gym, music, coffee, whiskey, programming

Felix Rösner,
Munich, Germany

politics and impact entrepreneurship

Gergana Lishkova,
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

machine learning in medicine, ai ethics, entrepreneurship

Glory Enyinnaya,
Lagos, Nigeria

change management, digital platforms, transformational entrepreneurship

Inglese Elvira,
Milan, Italy

the abstraction of biological events (molecular interactions or spread of pathogens) and in the analysis of these networks

Jennifer Nduati,
Nairobi, Kenya

Public Policy, Legal Advisory and Climate Change & Urban Resilience

Jivan Navani,
London, UK

fintech, ai, entrepreneurship, sports and music

Katharina Brenner,
Munich, Germany

innovation, statistics, psychology

Katherin Huang,
Düsseldorf, Germany

cooking new recipes from youtube, painting with arcylics, listening to all kinds of podcast

Keyana Bouzari,
Sacramento, USA

technology and biomedical ethics and law

Laura Facci,
Vicenza, Italy

psychology and neuroscience

Liyan Chen,
Shanghai, China

chinese politics; state-local relations; nuclear history; linguistics

Mantaro Yamada,
Tokyo, Japan

potential to democratize financial market, services, or functions by the latest technology such as ai/ml

Marcela Milano,
Curitiba, Brazil

innovation like a development tool and international politics

Marek Szeles,
Prague, Czechia

artificial intelligence, computer science, technology policy, energy policy, environmental policy

Maria Grebenschchikova,
Munich, Germany

artificial intelligence, environmentalism, impact entrepreneurship

Oslo, Norway (Russian)

law, data science, programming, communities

Martin Mbaya,
Nairobi, Kenya

digital economy, innovation systems, public policy, sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation

Max Thomson,
Sacramento, USA

the history and philosophy of technological ethics

Mendoza Román,
Sinaloa, Mexico

research, music, reading

Philipp Engel,
Munich, Germany

computer science, business

Reeya Pimple,
Mumbai, India


Rodolfo Farias,
Curitiba, Brazil

fintech entrepreneur, researching about the regulation of new techs on banking and capital markets.

Sairam Subramani,
Tokyo, Japan

Sara Andolfi,
Pavia, Italy

psychology, behavior analysis, neurovelopmental disorders, ethics

Sarah Tung,
Strasbourg, France

economics, innovation, science-technology relationships, behavioral economics & social sciences

Sascha Struwe,
Hamburg, Germany

service innovation, creative exploration, the great outdoors, micro-adventures

Shruti Singh,
Delhi, India

sustainable development, rural development, research & analysis

Shuwen Deng,
Cambridge, Uk

technology policy and ethics

Si Yu Lee,

research in risk communication and big data

Siddharth Nandan,
Berlin, Germany

digital transformation, ai governance and geopolitics

Spencer Cova,
Sacramento, USA

intersection between ethics, technology, emerging science, and policy

Thapelo Molapo,
Johannesburg, South Africa

dispute resolution, farming and photography

Thiago Assunção,
Curitiba, Brazil

sustainable development, social and environmental responsibility, climate change and green economy

Valeria Stadalninkas,
Moscow, Russia. Currently based In Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland

Vinícius Zanatta,
Curitiba, Brazil

social sciences, economics and law, and how latin american governments adapt and cooperate among themselves

Wallen Mphepo,
Sydney, Australia

quantum computing, ai/ml, optoelectronics

Wenwen Zhang,
Guangzhou, China

ethics and csr in data management, analytics, privacy in the digital age, tech regulations and consultancy

Xin Chen,
Chengdu, China

psychology, taoism, tcm

Yuqi Peng,

Applied Ethics; Moral Psychology; Civil Engineering Ethics; Moral Education

Eskil Olav Andersen,

emerging ecosystems of educational technology in higher learning institutions.