Launching Responsible Digital Leadership at Stanford University

This week we launched the Responsible Digital Leadership project at Stanford.

The Kickoff

Together with an international group of banks and insurance companies we will through the next year work on models, tools and roadmaps for Responsible Digital Leadership in the financial sector.

This week we kicked off the project at Stanford together with an amazing group of people; academics, innovators, thought leaders and business leaders from Stanford, Berkeley and Santa Clara Universities, from tech companies, Sand Hill Road and financial sector institutions – to discuss the challenges and possibilities for responsible use of tech and responsible business for the 21st century.

Thank you all!

Your amazing input provided a wonderful basis for our work!

Together with the participating companies and international universities, organizations and experts we will integrate ethical values, legal requirements and purpose and impact into business process for responsible digital leadership. Models and concrete process for responsible financial tech and how to actually apply data-ethical principles in business based on international case-studies validated with academia and global state of the art research reports and policy studies.

The process will also look at how regulation and responsible IT management relates to responsible innovation and entrepreneurship.

We will seek to engage in dialogue and discussions to learn and understand and to validate and develop our findings and models. Please get in touch!

Our schedule

We have reached out to a number of organizations, companies and universities. We will engage especially through a number of workshops and conferences in the first half of 2020. We have so far scheduled stops in Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris and Brussels through the spring of 2020.

Tech and innovation are important for our efforts to tackle the global challenges we face. Artificial intelligence, autonomous technological solutions and better analysis through big data offer us options, possibilities and hope for solutions to many of the massive challenges we face. But we are rapidly losing faith and trust in technology through irresponsible or harmful behavior by big and small tech companies. Abusive use of data or senseless “move-fast-and-break-stuff” style innovation, and increasing patterns of asking for forgiveness rather than permission, has eroded public confidence in technology companies and their products. This is why we are working with a group of purpose-driven companies to develop tools and policies for purpose and to develop trust.

What we need to do

We need to develop codes, standards, best practices and principles to govern tech and data – our future lives do include an inevitable co-existence with artificial intelligence and robots. And we have to ensure that these principles are transformed into practical and effective standards for a corporation’s use of tech in all sectors and areas of life. And we have to secure the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in all our efforts, to develop new technological and responsible solutions.

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