Risk of biased or false results relating to ESG performance as we increasingly use Artificial Intelligence, AI; and Natural Language Processing, NLP, to analyze and create currently missing data points of ESG strategies of publicly traded companies.

AI can help sustainable investors process mountains of data that hold essential information for ESG investing.

Should we regulate FinTech companies the same way we do with traditional banking and financial institutions knowing that this could potentially slow down and/or hamper their development?

Some countries require (or will be requiring in the close future) financial institutions to disclose to regulators on how the projects and investments they are working on/financing are impacting the environment.

Transformative AI Entrepreneurship in a Post-Pandemic World by Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs

On November 8, 2021, Søren Juul Jørgensen was a featured speaker in an open, audience-driven roundtable discussion centered on AI entrepreneurship and the technology’s potential to tackle the world’s most pressing issues, particularly in a post-pandemic context.